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The Top 5 Telegram Groups and Channels in 2024

The Top 5 Telegram Groups and Channels in 2024

Since its inception as an anonymous chat application in 2013, Telegram has undergone a remarkable transformation. What began as a platform with the mission to protect private conversations and data from government surveillance has evolved into a sprawling digital haven, attracting a diverse range of users, including cybercriminals.  As we look at this platform in 2024, the dark web’s influence is clearer than ever, with a multitude of illicit groups and channels establishing an unprecedented presence on this encrypted platform.

In this article, we will cover the top 5 Telegram groups and channels that are key to monitoring cybercriminal activities in 2024:

The top dark web Telegram chat groups and channels

1. Moon Cloud

1 42
  • Main languages: English
  • Group size: 10K members
  • Topics of interest: Credentials obtained from stealer logs

The Telegram channel known as Moon Cloud serves as a hub for data obtained from stealer logs – mainly Redline. The data shared on this channel often includes credentials such as email addresses, IP addresses, passwords, user names, etc.

2. Lulz Security Indonesia

2 38 1
  • Main languages: English
  • Group size: 811 members
  • Topics of interest: Hacktivism (OpIsrael and OpAmerica)

The official channel of Lulz Security Indonesia, a hacking group based in Indonesia known for its cyberattacks, defacements, and data breaches. This group is motivated by a mix of political convictions, a desire for recognition, and a commitment to expose injustices through cyberattacks.

3. BlackForums Propaganda

3 36
  • Main languages: English
  • Group size: 2.3K members
  • Topics of interest: Hacking tools, cybercriminal activities, data breaches, etc.

BlackForums is a deep web forum. It was born out of BlackedSec and the Five Families hacker collective, which are known for sharing cybercriminal activities, particularly ransomware and malware-related content. Alongside the web platform, they operate a successful telegram channel.


4 30
  • Main languages: English
  • Group size: 3.4K members
  • Topics of interest: Financial fraud and carding

DEAD CC LIVE is a Telegram channel specializing in the trade of stolen credit card information. This channel thrives on carding, a method of financial fraud that encompasses the online theft of credit card numbers, bank account details, and personal information, often employed for illicit activities such as money laundering and other illegal activities.

5. VulzSec Official

5 27
  • Main languages: English
  • Group size: 1.7K members
  • Topics of interest: Hacktivis group

VulzSec, or VulzSecTeam, stands as a hacktivist collective renowned for its engagement in cyberattacks. Their actions have predominantly focused on government websites, prompted by concerns like police brutality and the treatment of Indian Muslims. Notably, the group has been associated with initiatives such as OpIndia2.0, which aimed to execute DDoS attacks on Indian government websites.

Why should you monitor illicit activities on Telegram?

From discussions on hacking, data breaches, and financial fraud to the trade of illicit products and the propagation of extremist ideologies, Telegram has become an important hub for a wide range of illicit activities. 

As dark web threat actors increasingly migrate to this platform, Telegram has become a critical source for threat intelligence and dark web monitoring. The changing dynamics of cybercrime and the lengths threats actors go to stay anonymous make monitoring these threats more challenging than ever and is expected to become even harder in 2024. 

If your organization is looking for effective monitoring services, talk to us to see how our dark web monitoring tool, Lunar, can help you remain proactive in defending against emerging cyber threats.

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