The Top 3 Dark Web Trends in 2024 [VIDEO]

As 2024 unfolds, Webz Insider is back with a fresh look at the top dark web trends for the year.
February 1, 2024

Our Senior Cyber Analyst, Hagar Margolin, is covering the 3 trends you shouldn’t miss as threats on the dark web continue to rapidly evolve.

This episode includes:
Trend #1: Hacktivism
Trend #2: Malicious Generative AI
Trend #3: The rise of stealer logs on the dark web

These are only 3 of the top trends we cover in a recent piece on the top trends in 2023 that are set to shape 2024. Read the full list here.  

Catch up on the latest we know about dangers of malicious generative AI on the dark web in this blog post we published recently.  

Need help in monitoring threats on the deep and dark web? Check out our dark web monitoring tool,  Lunar.

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