Uncover Unknown Threats

Make detecting threats easy by tracking compromised assets, stolen credentials, and hidden dangers across the dark web.
Track Risks Across the Deep and Dark Web
Compromised Domains
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Compromised Devices
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Ransomware Indications
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Leaked IPs
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Leaked Credit Card Info
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Uncover, Identify & Neutralize

Power your investigations with breached data and dark web intelligence.

Uncover unknown threats

Stop reacting and proactively uncover hidden breaches, stolen data, and emerging threats before they wreak havoc.

Identify Malicious Activity

Track attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to stay one step ahead of the next attack.

Neutralize threats before they spread further

Take action to protect your domain, digital assets, and employee data from cybercriminal activity.
Stay one step ahead with

Deep and Dark Web Insights

Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts

Stay ahead of threats to your domain, illicit mentions, and cyber incidents with relevant real-time alerts.

Slice and Dice

Slice and Dice

Easily detect leaked credentials and risk incidents using smart filters and dynamic charts.

AI-Powered Searches

AI-Powered Searches

Search faster so you can get to every threat with AI-powered searches on the deep and dark web

One Step Ahead

A Game-Changer for Dark Web and OSINT Investigations

“Lunar has become an invaluable partner in our Dark Web and OSINT research. We can’t rave enough about the user-friendly interface, the comprehensive data scope, and the accessibility of even the most elusive ‘dark information.’ These features have transformed our research process. They eliminate tedious digging in an ever-shifting landscape, freeing us to focus on the real value: in-depth analysis and maximizing the impact of our findings.“
Senior Director
Global FinTech Company
From Discovery to

Instant Response

Detect stolen credentials and cyber threats from millions of malicious mentions on the dark web.
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Rapid Deployment, Easy to Use

Monitor stolen privileged credentials, PII, and threats on the deep & dark web with a few clicks.

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Contain the breaches that matter with our proprietary risk scoring, reducing noise and alert fatigue.


Automate to Accelerate

Rapidly respond to data breaches and compromised accounts and investigate emerging threats with customized alerts and AI-generated queries.


Complete Coverage

Continuous monitoring of the deep and dark web for any trace of compromised data, critical mentions, and threats.

Be Proactive with

Dark Web Monitoring

Get all the information you need to detect and act on imminent threats on the deep and dark web.
Media Monitoring

Account Takeover Protection

Automatically identify relevant compromised credentials and login details to mitigate account takeover threats and fraud.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection

Monitor login credentials, and personal information on the deep and dark web to prevent fraud and breaches.

Financial Analysis

Data Breach Detection

Detect the old and future breaches by tracking mentions of organizations’ sensitive data or compromised credentials.

Risk Intelligence

Fraud Detection

Easily track phishing attempts and discover mentions of organizations’ assets, stolen credit card numbers, wallet IDs, and other confidential data to protect against online fraud.

Web Intelligence

Brand Protection

Track malicious threats against your brand on the deep and dark web such as compromised assets, vulnerabilities, and fraud.

Cyber Security Threats

Supply Chain Risk Monitoring

Uncover your supply chain risk with critical information from the dark web about breaches and compromised assets of both vendors and customers, and cyber risks like CVEs exploit.

Financial Analysis

VIP Executive Protection

Uncover cyber and physical threats against company executives, board members, investors and key Personnel.

Identity Theft Protection

Ransomware Attacks Remediation

Discover ransomware threats, profile ransomware groups, and identify target companies to prevent the next major ransomware attack.

Uncover Unknown Threats

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