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Could Panasonic’s Breach Have Been Prevented?

Could Panasonic’s Breach Have Been Prevented?

On November 26, Panasonic joined a long list of companies that suffered a data breach over the past year. On that day, the company announced that they had suffered an attack earlier that month, stating that “its network was illegally accessed by a third party.”

According to reports, the attackers had access to Panasonic’s servers for 4 months, between June and November 2021.

Panasonic's press release confirming their network was breached.
Panasonic’s official press release disclosing their system had been breached

Using our Cyber API, we searched for the leak and early indications of that breach in our systems, and found posts that are likely to be a preliminary sign that an attack was in the making. We found two different posts on the popular hacking forum Raidforums, where an actor offered SQL-injection vulnerability for sale (see one of them in the image below).

The post we found on Raidforums showing that Panasonic vulnerabilities were traded on the dark web.
A screenshot from’s API, as the original post on Raidforums was deleted

Using this vulnerability, threat actors can access the company’s servers, which according to Panasonic’s announcement, is the method behind their breach.

Monitoring similar discussions and details that are sold on the dark web helps companies stay ahead of emerging threats, conduct in depth risk analysis and prevent future attacks.

Yuval Shibi
Yuval Shibi

Cyber Analyst

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