Infuse applications with news data
Cover the entire blogosphere
Follow conversations around the web
Access structured customer feedback
Train machines with historical data
Uncover threats across the dark web
Detect compromised PII across the web
Simplifying Dark Web Monitoring
Access the world's largest noise-free datasets
Browse through's free dataset collection
Go from raw data to pure power
Follow trends across millions of media sources
Constantly track suspicious web activity
Get a real-time feed of potential
Sharpen predictions with historical datasets
Scan PII in real-time to catch breaches early
Stop cyber criminals with covert activity tracking

Dark Web APIMonitor the Dark Web
With the Largest
Cyber Data Feeds

Boost your dark web monitoring solution with dark web data covering millions of dark and deep web sites, forums, marketplaces, paste sites and more.

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ScaleYour Dark Web Monitoring

Plug in, understand and scale with a robust stream of structured web data from the deep and dark web.

Plug In
Access live and historical structured data feeds from millions of dark web forums, marketplaces, paste sites and messaging platforms in multiple languages.
Power your machines with encrypted and password-protected illicit content, indexed by entities, keywords, sites and more for full context.
Scale Up
Scale your solution with near real-time content processing for timely, structured noise-free data feeds.

Going where the data is

PowerfulReview Web Data Feeds For
Sentiment Monitoring

Digital Risk
Protect from cyber threats like data leaks and ransomware by identifying threats and connecting the dots with unmatched coverage of the dark web.
Threat Intelligence
Read every discussion and activity relating to an organization and its assets and gain critical contextualized information including indicators of compromise (IOC) and indicators of attack (IOA) with publication time, author, User ID and site info.
Cryptocurrency Investigation
Search cryptocurrency addresses and transactions to “follow the money” and trace cryptocurrency footprints as part of anti money laundering, compliance and due diligence investigations.
Web Intelligence
Monitor darknet marketplaces, forums and networks for illicit drug and weapon trafficking, hacking activities, and track hidden communications between terrorists and other bad actors.
Brand Protection
Protect brands and avoid crises by mitigating risk factors such as counterfeiting attempts, unlicensed use, and leaked information.
Third-Party Risk
Secure companies’ supply chains by monitoring every discussion involving relevant vulnerabilities and potential attacks.
Fraud Detections
Create an automatic alert system for leaked credit card numbers, PII, SSN and monitor blockchain addresses involved in Illegal cryptocurrency transactions.

Seamlessly IntegrateDark Web Data At Scale

Level up your web data overnight
with quick and easy integrations via Firehose and APIs
Customize sources for your needs
with the quickest and easiest solution to add new sources of any volume
Maximum coverage, minimum risk
with fully compliant, white hat data feeds
Get expert human support for your machines
with a dedicated team to assist with everything you need

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