Dark Web Policy

Last revised April 27th, 2022

How do we protect sensitive dark web data?

Knowledge is power and with great power comes great responsibility.

Every day, leading organizations around the world use Webz.io to access content from across the open, deep and dark web. The nature of the content varies, with highly sensitive content found in the deep and mostly on the dark web.

So what do we do to ensure the sensitive data we collect doesn’t fall into the wrong hands?

The answer has three parts, according to the different screening stages we take – pre-trial, in trial and post trial:

Step #1: The Pre-Trial Phase Our dark web data feeds are gated and cannot be freely accessed on our trial, unlike our open web data feeds.

What does it mean in practice? Any organization that enquires about our dark web data feeds will need to first speak to one of our dark web data experts During that call, the company will need to provide details about the company, its services and use cases Next our dark web data experts will verify the details the company provided to check if: It’s a registered enterprise/organization The company’s use cases require dark web data

Step #2: The Trial Phase Once the company is in the clear, we move forward by setting up a trial. During this trial, our data expert works closely with the company to ensure the search queries are related to the use cases and to their clients.

Step #3: The Post-Trial Phase If it’s all cleared out, we proceed to sign a contract which states that the access to dark web content can only be provided on the basis that they relate to their customers and their digital assets.

We also put controls in place which restrict access to sensitive and sexual content, providing access only to verified law enforcement agencies. It is important to note that we do not provide data from end-to-end (encrypted) groups.

If you have any further questions regarding our dark web access policies, please contact: [email protected]

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