Dark Risk FeedCyber Threat Intelligence Feeds For Advanced SIEM & SOAR Systems

Mitigate external risk with noise-free feed of indicators of compromise (IOCs).

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Why SOC Leaders Use Our Dark Risk Feed

Threat Hunting
Mitigate external risks with a noise-free feed of indicators of compromise.
Threat Intelligence
Get critical threat risk indicators from across chatting applications and sites on the deep and dark web.
Brand Protection
Get alerts every time your IPs, domains and other entities are mentioned by threat actors.
Incident Response (IR) Monitoring
Track vulnerabilities to prevent future ransomware, phishing and other cyber attacks.

How does ourDark Risk Data Feed work?

noise by 20%
Add your entities
IPs and domains
Your alert includes
The risk
Publication time
Original text
Alert time
Threat source
Other IPs & domains at risk
Other entities at risk
Automatically scans malicious content from across deep, dark web, chat apps and compromised databases
Risk Enrichment
Extracts key entities and indicators of compromise with MLP enrichment
Risk scoring
Ranks risks according to site profile, content and context
Cyber Alerts
Get critical indicators of compromise (IOC) in real time

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Quick Plug-In ForReal Time Intelligence Feeds

Dark Risk
Risk Alerts
Including compromised IPs,
Domains and CVEs in
CSV Format

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