Webz.io API Featured in New Guide to Web Development with Django

Last February, co-authors Leiff Azopardi and James Maxwell completed the latest edition of their book Tango with Django. It presents an excellent step-by-step approach to learning Python on the popular Django framework v1.9 (also compatible with v1.10). Although the book is designed as a beginner’s guide to web development, the material is packed with tips even advanced programmers will find useful.

Introducing the Rango Web Application
The Webz.io team was especially proud to discover the authors selected our web data feed service as the search API component of the Rango application exercise – as outlined in the N-tier architecture diagram.
n-tier architecture diagram tango wtih django

The Rango application is up and running on the book website. The web application’s home screen presents a list of the user generated categories suggested by readers and sorted by number of category likes.

rango application tango with django home screen

Clicking deeper into a category (e.g. “Python”) presents a list of the category pages sorted by number of reader likes.


To activate the web search component powered by the Webz.io API, simply click the Search button, which runs a basic Webz.io query on the term entered in the search box. The search results are sorted by relevance – complete with a title, link, and summary for each result.


The book provides detailed code samples with explanations and screenshots which you can use to build your own version of the Rango application. It’s an excellent starting point as a foundation for a wide variety of applications that require high volumes of web data.

Start working with the Webz.io API 


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