How to Use Online Review Ratings to Crush the Market

Sifting through millions of posts on review sites presents both a massive undertaking and an incredible opportunity for influencer marketing.

Some of the most successful app makers are capitalizing on that oppotunity. Use your favorite media monitoring plaform to sift through the reviews. As you might expect, the biggest opportunity is in reaching negative and neutral reviews. The beauty of the standard 5 star rating system is that millions of reviewers aren’t just telling us what they think of apps in your category, they’re also tagging the review with a number.

Haters Gonna Hate. App Reviewers Gonna Rate

That might seem like an odd way to describe the process. But if you’re a data scientist or machine learning expert, you know those numbers are goldent opportunities to be uncovered. The discussions data feed clearly shows 32.3% of online reviews on the app store are either neutral (i.e. a 3 star rating) or negative (2 stars or below). Reaching that segment of engaged but dissatified reviewers can make all the difference.


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