Calling all (almost) Kimono Labs Developers to Migrate to

Calling all (almost) Kimono Labs Developers to Migrate to

Kimono Labs made an announcement today that it has been acquired by Palantir. Unfortunately Kimono Labs users will only have two weeks to migrate to a different service because the team will shut down the Kimono service on February 29, 2016.

The good news is that if you are a Kimono Labs user that used the service to consume news articles, blog posts or online discussions & reviews, the migration process to will be a breeze.

Here at we do the crawling for you, downloading and structuring millions of posts from countless websites a day. All you need to do is to filter the data that is relevant to you.
Although Kimono Labs had an amazingly simple scraping tool, you still had to define the structure of the data and maintain your crawler. With you don’t need to do any of it. We are doing the heavy lifting for you. By using our simple API you can easily consume the already cleaned and structured data.

Unfortunately, as the title suggests, doesn’t cater to all of Kimono Labs users at this point. There are some types of data we don’t currently offer, like custom scrapping of e-commerce sites & pricing data, but rest assured that it is in the pipeline and we will offer it very soon.

So how do you get started? Just sign up for free 10-day trial account and start defining the filters by which you want the data to be consumed.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

And welcome aboard,



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