How goPRit Turns’s Web Data Feeds into PR Insights?

How goPRit Turns's Web Data Feeds into PR Insights?

Startups, small businesses, and even enterprise-level organizations all need publicity not only to survive, but to thrive.


Because the truth is that without an audience, even the best product won’t win.

Owners and founders know this, which is why they hire PR firms to help them get the word out and cultivate valuable relationships with journalists. These firms have interacted with journalists in the past and know whom to contact to get press.

Although they have experience, PR agencies don’t have the solution.

Signing with a PR firm is not the best way to gain exposure these days. PR firms can dissolve their client relationships at any point. The firms then take all the contacts, and the business is essentially forced to start over. This process is waste of time, energy, and resources.

Businesses don’t outsource their sales. So, why would you outsource PR?

goPRit’s Co-Founder Ryan Garman understands this, which is why he and his team created what he calls a unique and innovative platform to build your own contact lists and get the publicity your business deserves.

How does goPRit work?

 goPRit is an on-demand PR service for startups and small businesses.
The platform specializes in matching both journalists and influencers with businesses based on shared areas of passion, expertise, and interest.

The goPRit tool for finding these connections is called JSearch, and it’s the most powerful search engine on the web for locating influencers, according to Garman.

goprit search screenshot
On one side there are journalists, and on the other there are influencers.

goPRit also includes a tracking system so you’ll know when it’s time to follow up with the journalist in order to secure press. They also provide email templates to send to journalists and influencers, since busy startup owners don’t always have the time to write personalized emails to a plethora of contacts.

goprit templates screenshot

How goPRit finds all the data on their platform?

goPRit’s massive database and detailed profiles run on the data feeds provides. We extract unstructured data from across the web and deliver it in a structured form so it can be filtered and used on the goPRit system:

For example, finds news articles on certain topics and extracts relevant data including title, date and time, author, website, country, etc. We provide it through our News API endpoint, so goPRit can then easily plug in and transforms that information into their list of valuable contacts in a certain industry.

There are profiles of journalists and influencers on goPRit already. If a journalist is not on there, a profile will be automatically created for him or her. Within the contact listing is the articles the journalist wrote in the past 90 days, as well as his or her contact information.

How can you generate real value from web data in the PR industry?

Good PR goes a long way for startups and small businesses. If a company receives attention on big blogs or news outlets, it has the potential to connect to and understand its clients.

It all starts with the web data collected by With the right information in their back pockets, small businesses and startups can figure out which leads to pursue and how they can achieve success.

The control is in the hands of the small business owner, not the PR company which is how it should be.

Want to learn more? Take a look at how our News API works.


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