How is the Open Web API Different From the Google Search API?

How is the Open Web API Different From the Google Search API?

An open web API delivers data from the open or clearnet. It can include data from news sources, blogs, discussions, and reviews. Researchers and enterprise organizations alike rely on open web data for brand monitoring, competitive analysis, measuring customer sentiment, financial analysis, and to lay the foundation for machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing models. It is critical that the data they receive be accurate, relevant, and structured so that their analysis delivers the best business insights possible.    

Many different open APIs exist in the commercial market. Probably the best known is the Google Search API, today officially known as Google Programmable Search. Even though the Google News API is one of the most popular on the commercial market, however, it still has a number of limitations. First, the number of available free queries is limited, allowing only 100 search queries free a day. This poses a serious challenge for organizations with limited resources that rely on constant, large streams of data. Second, while the Google Search API can extract structured data from metatags inside HTML, it excludes data from other tags, so it doesn’t provide data like the publication date, author, language, country, or even the name of the date of the publication.

Another limitation of the Google News API is that the search results are based on its search algorithm, so sometimes smaller or newer niche sites are excluded from relevant search results. 

Finally, Google has a reputation for announcing the sudden deprecation of its products. This could be a disaster for organizations or researchers relying on a constant stream of data directly from the Google product over a period of time. 

In contrast to these limitations, Webz’s open web API includes comprehensive data from news, blogs, reviews, and discussions. The API has the ability to filter search results according to the name of the author and publication, the publication’s language, date of publication, specific keywords, and more. This open web coverage is currently used by many of the world’s enterprise-level web and media monitoring organizations that need a constant stream of data at scale. For these organizations, it is essential that they can rely on a solid product that is continually striving to deliver its customers high-quality, relevant, structured data so they can focus their efforts on data analysis and building machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing models. 

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