How Can Knowledge About Competitors Help?

How Can Knowledge About Competitors Help?

The ability to conduct competitive analysis online is crucial for any business today. In the digital world, customers have an endless number of choices, making it harder for businesses to stay on top of – and stay ahead of – the competition. For brands or organizations with hundreds of products or even several product lines, the ability to continuously monitor the voice of the customer as well as product and market trends is essential. 

Both customer needs and product and market trends in the digital world are highly dynamic and require near-real-time analysis. That’s why advanced web crawling technology that includes the ability to monitor online discussions data feeds and social media discussions data and filter information according to specific details like keyword, the name, and date of a publication, and organization are crucial. 

Advanced web monitoring can also filter data according to performance score, or the number of times that posts were shared on a particular social media platform. This is done through collecting posts and filtering them according to the number of times they were shared. For example, assigns a score to each post based on its popularity on the different social media platforms. Posts shared more frequently would receive a score of 8 or above, while posts shared very little or not at all would receive a performance score of 2 or below. These scores change dynamically and are scored against the continual collection of data that accumulates on the web every minute. 

The ability to collect posts from the open web according to their l performance or virality on social networks is particularly valuable for enterprises and researchers building algorithmic models based on machine learning or artificial intelligence. These enterprises and researchers rely on large amounts of high-quality, accurate, and relevant datasets as the foundation of their models. 

Webz’s open web API includes the collection and extraction of online discussions data feeds and social media discussions data so that businesses can conduct competitive analysis and stay on top of the latest product and market trends. Its granular filtering capabilities, such as the ability to query according to performance score, name of organization, and product or brand name are perfect for businesses looking to conduct competitive analysis at scale or discover new insights on market and product trends. With comprehensive data delivered to your customers in near real-time, you’ll never have to worry about missing another data point again.

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Feed Your Machines the Data They Need

Feed Your Machines the Data They Need