100% Coverage of the Web

Achieving 100% coverage is the Holy Grail. To be able to tap into the World Wide Web is something that anyone dealing with data would like to have, but is far FAR from achieving (except maybe the NSA).

The idea behind Webz.io is that when you need data from the web, you don’t necessarily have to build a crawler or use a scraper. Webz.io does the heavy lifting for you. Our crawlers download and structure millions of posts a day, we store and index the data so all you have to do is to define what part of the data you need.

How to still get the fullest web data coverage?

You might have your own proprietary crawling technology, or even use a third party solution, and you might ask yourself why should you use Webz.io on top of that? Well as the title states, you can never reach a full coverage of the web, but you can still aim for it. Since our system is super affordable (we developed the technology that makes it possible).

Many of our clients are using Webz.io as their sole content provider, as they want to focus on what they do best, and not to deal with coding any scraper bots, managing any site lists or parsing any fields. Others wants to back it up by their own solution or by a third party service, either way you can never go wrong with a better coverage of the web.

Curious to read more? You can read more about our news content here, or about our dark web content here.


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