Webz.io helps Observify expand their coverage and add a new angle to their already rich offering.

Webz.io helps Observify expand their coverage and add a new angle to their already rich offering.

We had a the pleasure of speaking to Karl from Observify to understand a bit more about them but also why and how they use Webz.io

A bit about Observify
“Observify is a fast growing company on a mission to relieve their clients of their analytical headaches. We’re shaking up the social and web listening industry by distilling vast amounts of social data into a comprehensible, user centered design. Our stated design goal is that Observify should be so simple to use that minimal to no training is required. The benefits are abundantly clear to anyone using it – our customers’ needs are our biggest inspiration. We use innovative big data technologies to quickly interpret huge datasets, and provide ready-to-present insights for our users.”

Some of the key features that make Observify unique include:

  • Traditional, digital and social media monitoring across platforms
  • Intuitive dashboards, charts and reports that break down complex concepts in an easily understood fashion
  • Beautiful, one-click PDF reports designed to impress, straight from the printer
  • A real time social media feed, letting clients know exactly what is being said about them – as it happens
  • Audience segmentation, enabling clients to identify key members and industry influencers
  • Real-time notifications to keep clients on cue – the second their brand, products or competitors are mentioned
  • Brand and sentiment analytics at a glance, for immediate benchmarking against competitors

What we were hoping to achieve by integrating a new data provider?
“We wanted to expand our coverage overall especially across difficult-to-reach sources such as forums, message boards and comments.”

Selection process – what was important and how did you come to your decision?
“We needed a reliable data provider that could source the data from difficult to reach sources and unify the different sources into a simple structured and readable format. It was also important that we could easily integrate this data directly into our solution so that we could conduct our robust analyses for our clients. After checking many data providers offerings we came across Webz.io who are in my opinion an industry leader in this space. Webz.io provided us with exactly what we needed. Extensive coverage, easy integration, clean high quality data and it was an easy decision.”

“Webz.io has helped us expand our coverage and add an extra angle to our offering that our clients are very happy about. The easy to use and integrate API allows us to filter the relevant data directly into our platform in a structured format. The expanded coverage, reduced latency coupled with easy source additions and great service makes Webz.io an essential partner and one of the best data providers we have ever worked with.”

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Feed Your Machines the Data They Need

Feed Your Machines the Data They Need