Infuse applications with news data
Cover the entire blogosphere
Follow conversations around the web
Access structured customer feedback
Train machines with historical data
Uncover threats across the dark web
Detect compromised PII across the web
Simplifying Dark Web Monitoring
Access the world's largest noise-free datasets
Browse through's free dataset collection
Go from raw data to pure power
Follow trends across millions of media sources
Constantly track suspicious web activity
Get a real-time feed of potential
Sharpen predictions with historical datasets
Scan PII in real-time to catch breaches early
Stop cyber criminals with covert activity tracking

Power Your Large
Language Model
Training with Big
Web Data

Optimize your LLMs training with live and historical structured data from across the web.

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TRAIN YOUR AI AND ML MODELS WITHThe World’s Largest Training Web Datasets

Optimize ML models
Improve the performance of your models with diverse structured data from billions of sites from across the web
Train Large Language Models
Such as ChatGPT, BERT, XLNet, T5, ELMO, RoBERTa. Get more accurate and relevant results with mass data from across the web
Enhance NLP applications
Build better Nature Language Processing apps with datasets with improved annotation quality, data representation, and language variety
Improve keyword extraction and summarization
Feed your ML models with huge datasets for superior keyword and phrases extraction and summarization
Train models for QA and information retrieval
Upgrade your question-answering models with massive quality datasets that can be quickly filtered for higher relevance
Clean Datasets
Power your models with noise-free structured web data
On Demand Access
Plug in for the latest data from millions of sources from across the web
Powerful Filters
Boost your model training with advanced filters including keywords, languages, and topics
Historical Data
Train your models with huge structured datasets going back to 2008
MAXIMIZEYour ML and NLP PerformanceTake your machine-learning modeling to the next level
Customize sources for your needs
ChatBot Training
Sentiment Analysis
Keyword Extraction
QA Training Models
Named Entity Recognition
NLP Model Training
Enhanced ML Models
Predictive Analytics
Superior Large Language Model Training
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“From initial inquiry to implementation, The team were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Their expertise in technology coupled with their unrivaled business vision has made the most valuable provider to BrainMustard.”

Reza Sabernia



Top Quality, Always

“Isentia has been using’s data feeds for years now, making it an integral part of our innovative real-time media monitoring. The biggest strength of is their stability and quality of their web data feeds“.

Angelo Tilocca

Head of Data and Content


Critical Data in Real Time

“ is a critical data source we use to automate our data-driven monitoring solution and provide real-time insights to recruiters who are looking to attract top talents.”

Joel Cheesman

Founder & CEO


Clean Data, Easy Integration

“Clean data returned, easy to implement, great support. Access to forums is a must we really appreciate.”

Gianandrea Facchini

Runner and CEO


Quick Plug-In, Top Support

“There isn’t much doesn't cover. I don’t think there is anyone providing such wide coverage.“

Aditya Shankar

Senior Product Manager


More Sources, More Value

“'s main value is the API and the coverage. Our users need many sources. I think this is where stands out.“

Ido Ivri



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