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Product Article

The Different Services Available for Aggregating Business Reviews

Product Article

The Different Services Available for Aggregating Business Reviews

Savvy business owners that sell services or products to customers understand that they must constantly track and gather feedback from their customers. In today’s digital age, where the web constantly expands every day, this can be an overwhelming task. Imagine the number of new posts on social media accounts, blogs, forums, news articles, online reviews and message boards that are being uploaded every minute.

While some would search for customer reviews on sites like Yelp, Amazon and TripAdvisor, they quickly find out it’s an impossible task as many different services available for aggregating reviews limit the number of requests for reviews. This makes it impossible to aggregate reviews and get the full picture of how your audience feels about your product or service.

Another disadvantage is that these services may not allow you to aggregate reviews according to sentiment (such as a 1 or 2 rating), keyword, or according to specific dates.
Comprehensive Review Coverage with Online Data Feeds
Remember the days when customers had to fill out manual surveys or comment cards at industry events? That means that most feedback that was gathered belonged to customers who were either very happy or very unhappy with a product or service. That did not accurately reflect the vast majority of customers whose experience lies somewhere in between.’s online data feeds deliver both comprehensive review coverage and laser-focused granularity so you never miss relevant feedback. Whether you’re looking for reviews that mention the best Asian restaurant or you’d like to filter reviews for a product with the highest number of social media likes, our Review API can help you do the job.

To get the best representation over time, you can also use our historical archive going back as far as 2007. The ability to extract relevant data from millions of posts and thousands of sources allows you to see the big picture of what customers really think about a product or service – and help you gather enough information to create the best response.

Our online data feeds also enable you to set pre-filtered individual parameters on your online review data feeds and pinpoint the areas where a product or service needs to be improved.
Extract and Structure Online Reviews with One Simple Data Feed
Our online data review feeds crawl a large number of forums and online review sites without any restrictions on the analysis of the data. This is especially useful for companies looking to conduct market research, brand monitoring, and financial analysis. Because each one of these requires large sets of data to deliver accurate insights.

If you look to take review aggregation and analysis to the next level with AI, NLP, or machine-learning analysis, you first have to extract and structure it into a machine-readable format like JSON or XML. Only then can you start mining the data you collected to get analytical insights.

This is critical when your business grows and scales – as you’ll need to try to keep up with what’s being said about your product or service online. That might prove to be an increasingly complex task as your business grows and scales.

With, you’ll be able to listen to the voice of the customer - everywhere.

Feed Your Machines the
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Feed Your Machines the
Data They Need