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Simplifying Dark Web Monitoring
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Go from raw data to pure power
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Sharpen predictions with historical datasets
Scan PII in real-time to catch breaches early
Stop cyber criminals with covert activity tracking
case study

Mention Widens Financial Monitoring Scope with Data Feeds

case study

Mention Widens Financial Monitoring Scope with Data Feeds
Learn how’s data helps Mention provide customers with key financial insights in real time.
Mention, a leading social media marketing suite, helps brands and agencies to conduct real-time media monitoring.

In order to provide its customers with round-the-clock real-time low latency alerts about their brands, its Mention Enterprise platform required a reliable data source that meets its clients’ high expectations — and covers a vast selection of sources.

Mention had originally approached to expand existing coverage. Over time, they realized was flexible enough to meet and even exceed coverage requirements without compromising on latency.
“Mention Enterprise sets the bar high when it comes to Quality of Data”, said Matthieu Vaxelaire, CEO of Mention. “The Mention team reported unprecedented results delivered by across every conceivable KPI including superior source coverage, up-to-the-minute live data latency, and incredible responsiveness to ongoing data integration requests.”
About Mention
In 2012, Mention was born in Paris with a simple idea: helping people learn what’s being said about them online. Since opening another office in New York in 2014, Mention has grown exponentially. In a few short years, our customer base exceeded 500,000 users in over 125 countries, with over 4,000 enterprise clients.
About is the leading provider of machine-defined web data. It transforms the vast pool of web data from across the open and dark web into structured web data feeds, ready for machines to consume. Using’s data, enterprises, developers, and analysts can now unlock the raw potential of web data.
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