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case study

How Exiger Uses’s News API to Uncover Hidden Risks in Over 1M Companies and People

case study

How Exiger Uses’s News API to Uncover Hidden Risks in Over 1M Companies and People
Learn how Exiger uses the News API to search 120K+ news websites for adverse news events, uncovering risks across 1.3 million companies and people
Exiger, a leading provider of supply chain management SaaS solutions, needed to substantially expand news data coverage for DDIQ, its AI-powered supply-chain risk management and due diligence platform. DDIQ requires massive amounts of diverse, relevant, and timely data, including news data, to deliver accurate risk assessments and user insights.

To obtain news data at scale, the Exiger team had to make a choice: build a highly scalable web scraping solution in-house or buy one from a third party. They chose the latter, partnering with, a web data provider with expertise in collecting, processing, structuring, and enriching news data from sources across the open web.

The News API allows DDIQ to cover 120K+ news websites, gaining the news data coverage it needs to cast a bright light on all the relevant threats users should focus on.

“The combination of unstructured data from along with our matching and classification abilities gives Exiger’s customers insight into risks that affect their business in ways that are not otherwise available in the market,” Sanjay Singh, Director of Product Management at Exiger.
About Exiger
Exiger is revolutionizing the way corporations, government agencies and banks navigate risk and compliance in their third-parties, supply chains and customers through its software and tech-enabled solutions. Exiger’s mission is to make the world a safer and more transparent place to succeed. Emboldening over 550 customers across the globe, including 150 in the Fortune 500 and over 50 government agencies, with award-winning AI technology, Exiger leads the way in ESG, cyber, financial crime, third-party and supply chain management.
About transforms vast volumes of Big Web Data from across the open, deep, and dark web into structured and enriched feeds made available through easy-to-use API products. Our APIs provide customers access to relevant web data on demand, enabling deeper insights and better decisions in various industries — from risk intelligence and media monitoring to cybersecurity and financial monitoring.
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