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case study

CrossCheck Uses’s Data to Flag Fake News

case study

CrossCheck Uses’s Data to Flag Fake News
Discover how’s news data feed powers the add-on that differentiate between fake and fact-checked news.
As the scourge of fake news continues to receive prominent media attention, startups and companies the world over are developing innovative solutions to help news consumers discern fact from fiction.

CrossCheck developed a browser extension that provides a “CrossCheck score” for any article that users access with the aim to extend the solution to make it suitable for use by journalists, researchers, and business people.

To ensure the robustness of their software, the team needed a reliable data provider which would deliver them article texts at mass scale in a machine-readable format suitable for algorithmic analysis. CrossCheck built their entire platform using’s news data feed and RESTful API.
“ provides us with unmatched real-time access to an enormous swath of news data. The outstanding API, documentation and support were integral to helping us build and scale our business,” says Jay Khurana, CEO, CrossCheck
About CrossCheck
CrossCheck developed a browser extension that helps news consumers determine the trustworthiness of news by cross- checking an article against other online sources.
About is the leading provider of machine-defined web data. It transforms the vast pool of web data from across the open and dark web into structured web data feeds, ready for machines to consume. Using’s data, enterprises, developers, and analysts can now unlock the raw potential of web data.
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