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case study

Buzzilla Calls Election Results Using's Data

case study

Buzzilla Calls Election Results Using's Data
How Buzzilla Called the Election Using's Data
It was Israeli election of 2015. A large majority of the domestic and international media believed that Benjamin Netanyahu, then in his third term, was poised to lose his premiership. The analyst team at Buzzilla thought differently.

Although opinion polls can capture sentiment among a proportion of the population, online conversations — held in news comment sections, forums, and within closed communities — can provide a far deeper understanding and insight into the conversations taking place among citizens, which often shape election outcomes.

Buzzilla was able to tap into’s web data to compute Brand Positioning Index (BPI) scores which demonstrated that Netanyahu had more positive sentiments than any other election candidates. Using’s data, Buzzilla and its “Chatter Volume” module, demonstrated that Netanyahu was the subject of more online discussions than any other candidate. On election day, Buzzilla’s customers were among the few who were not surprised by the polling results.
About Buzzilla
Buzzlila develops cutting edge technologies and revolutionary analysis and research methodologies which conjoin in creating advanced solutions aimed at harnessing the vast opportunities presented by the online conversation, towards the success of the organizations the company serves.
About is the leading provider of machine-defined web data. It transforms the vast pool of web data from across the open and dark web into structured web data feeds, ready for machines to consume. Using’s data, enterprises, developers, and analysts can now unlock the raw potential of web data.
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