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	"url": "https://www.reddit.com/r/tifu/comments/flvhag/tifu_by_overdosing_vitamin_c/?sort=new",
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	"title": "overdosing Vitamin C",
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	"text": "Covid-19 is the thing to fear these days. I'm an avid reddit user, I like different subreddits, for example, /r/conspiracy . If you frequent that sub, you know it's all about Covid-19 now. Few weeks ago I read an article saying that Vitamin C is great to fight infections. Since the virus is also in my country, I wanted to be safe, and started to use vit c. The article mentioned that you have to take a high dose of it to see the effect, even some commentators claimed that they haven't had flu in years since using vit c. Nobody ever mentioned any bad side effects. So, being the smart guy that I am, I started to use double the recommended amount. I had a runny nose when I started, but literally few hours after taking a large dose of vit c it was gone. I was happy! I thought to myself, what the hell, let's do mega dosage starting now! So, I took about 500mg everyday, for maybe 5 days and I felt great.\nUntil last night when I woke up with a feeling like my bladder will explode any second. The pain was so bad, I couldn't even walk straight, I went down to the bathroom and started to pee, well, that was the single worst late night piss I've ever taken. The tip of my penis was burning like hell. I started to freak out, it was so painful. When I finished peeing, I still had the urge to to go, but nothing would come out. I went back to bed and not 10 minutes later I had to pee again. And not just pee, I needed to pee like I needed to breathe. I went to bathroom, and what do you know? Can't pee, want to pee, but can't pee because nothing comes out. I sat on the toilet for about 30 minutes, in excruciating pain, my piss was reddish and it stung pretty bad. I started to search for what was wrong with me. And lo and behold, too much vitamin C causes kidney stones. I don't think I passed any large stones, but still it was very painful, I couldn't sleep that night at all, and today I feel like shit. I've been drinking a lot of water and peeing a lot, it doesn't sting anymore. I couldn't imagine actually passing a stone, I think this is one of the worst pain ever. No wonder people compare it to giving birth or getting stabbed. And I didn't even have it too bad.\nFYI, don't use too much vit c supplements, you can get enough of it from fruits and vegetables, and they don't cause kidney stones. I'm certain I wont use supplements at all anymore. This was all just terrible.\nWash your hands!\nTL:DR I took too much vit c and felt like I was going to die.",
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	"published": "2020-03-20T13:59:00.000+02:00",
	"crawled": "2020-03-20T20:26:20.000+02:00",
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