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	"text": "Re: Best article on why and how the US response to COVID-19 was botched Originally Posted by What if...? Sorry man. I and many others were calling him out here in real-time, as it was happening, over the very things laid out in the article. Many people who actually work in these fields were as well. All of them, I think. You see, there are established procedures and responses to a viral outbreak. And trump followed none of them except a partial travel ban from china and then when it was already far too late, from Europe. South Korea's leadership and response was vastly superior to trump's. And now they're on the downslope and we have no idea how bad it actually is here yet. This is not \"hindsight\". This is \"Why the **** didn't you do what we know damn well the experts were trying to get you to do?\" Criticizing a failure we all saw happening as it unfolded and were criticizing as he did it. You can't gaslight your way out of this one. (Well, you can with trump supporters, but it's really easy with them. They need to believe their guy isn't a ****up.) LOL \"Many people who actually work...all of them, I think.\" Really, that is your argument? If so it is a false premise. One could point to all the negative reactions from both the MSM and Democrat pundits back then to the \"few things\" Trump did do, including the travel ban. One could also point to the total failure of the Chinese government to take any of those kinds of steps for weeks, if not months, at the source of this outbreak. A failure which allowed the spread via unknown numbers of human vectors causing a pandemic. One can ALWAYS find something negative to focus on, play the blame game, and rest on one's confirmation bias laurels. Yet my point stands; it is ALL armchair quarterbacking with \"what if's\" and \"what could have been's.\" This is now, and despite your choosing to see only the negatives (as usual) it is what it is and trying to assign blame remains IMO simply armchair quarterbacking. Originally Posted by bluesmoke How critical matters were could be seen clearly early on and Trump et al did not do enough quick enough...What a complete failure. As for your response? DITTO. : Last edited by Captain Adverse; Today at 09:51 AM . If I stop responding it doesn't mean I've conceded the point or agree with you. It only means I've made my point and I don't mind you having the last word. Please wait a few minutes before \"quoting\" me. I often correct errors for a minute or two after I post before the final product is ready.",
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