Webz.io Tip: Search for top performing (viral) posts

Here at Webz, our crawlers download millions of posts a day from millions of sources. When searching for web data among these many sources, you may want to limit your results to news or blog posts that had some kind of social impact. To provide you with this capability, we are introducing a new score we call the “Performance Score”.

Performance scores are also known as virality scores and measure the viral strength of the post with social shares. The score ranges between 0-10, where 0 means that the post didn’t do well at all, (i.e rarely or was never shared), to 10 which means that the post was on fire and shared thousands of times over social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, StumbledUpon and VK. The performance score rating takes into account the social shares of a post relative to an ever-changing benchmark. 

For example, to discover posts about Obama that had a performance score greater than 8 (highly viral) you would use the query: 

obama performance_score>8

You could also search through posts that had over a specific number of shares. For instance, this query would return posts with more than 1000 Facebook shares:

obama social.facebook.shares>1000 

Media and web monitoring organizations can take advantage of Webz.io’s performance score to monitor news that is making the greatest social impact and deliver it to their customers. One example of this is Bluewhitered.org, who uses Webz.io’s data to pull in news stories with more than 10,000 Likes on Facebook and classify it according to where it falls on the political spectrum. 

Enterprise-level organizations rely on Webz.io’s data from our performance scores along with other granular filtering capabilities to build algorithmic models for generating insights for their customers. Many of these organizations rely on our Firehose solution, an enterprise-level data feed that provides access to all the data Webz.io crawls, from all territories in every language from all open web verticals. 

Whether you’re a media and web monitoring organizations or enterprise-level organization, it’s critical that you have the most comprehensive, up-to-the-minute data available for your customers. 

Check out our Knowledge Base to learn more about the different social filters available with Webz.io’s data.


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