Richer Media Analysis with Broadcast News Transcripts

After a few long nights and some very tired developers, we’re proud to introduce the Broadcast Data Feed: transcribed, structured, and machine-readable television and radio programming from 1091 US TV stations, 21 Canadian TV stations, 83 Spanish-US TV Stations and 356 Radio Stations.

This new product line is available and ready for you to use, right now, for free. You can go ahead and do that, or read more to learn how we envision broadcast data can help you build a better data-driven business, research or analysis.

Better Coverage for Media Monitoring Companies

If you’re running a media monitoring service, adding television and radio news to the mix can be an incredible value add for your customers. According to fairly recent findings by Pew Research, most Americans still get their news from television, and 25% of them often consume radio news. Arguably, one might also say that “old media” coverage tends to have more of an impact than internet mentions.

Using the new broadcast API, you’ll be able to close the loop and give your customers the full package – from online news outlets, through forums, blogs and customer reviews, and now also to television and radio. This will ensure your customers are as close to 100% covered as humanly possible, and help you give them better service and ensure they remain your customers in the long run.

Deeper Insights for Analysts

If you’re using web data to understand market trends, create financial analyses and build predictive models, you’ll now be able to gain deeper insight and create richer reports. Our familiar API tools will let you immediately generate content feeds from broadcast media, giving you deeper perspective into trending events and public discussions.

The broadcast API can also be a powerful tool for understanding consumer sentiment regarding your company or your competitors, and evaluating how positive or negative coverage can impact your bottom line; or to try and measure how the offline conversation, as it’s reflected in TV and radio transcripts, affects the conversation online.

More Fuel for your Data Science

While originally started as a solution for media monitoring, some of our most enthusiastic customers are actually companies and institutions developing exciting data science technologies – e.g., AI, machine learning, and NLP – and are using the troves of structured web data we provide as training datasets, or to make their artificial intelligence even more… intelligent.

We’re certain that these companies will also find some amazing things to do with broadcast content – whether it’s having another data point for a fake news detector, or as another awesome dataset for computers to practice their natural language skills.

Go Do Something Great – It’s Free

We’re really excited to see the amazing stuff that you, our users, are going to create with this source of data. And if you’re as excited as we, why are you still reading this? It’s available right now, for free – go use it! And drop us a line after you’ve built the next big thing; we’d love to hear all about it.


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