Quick Guide to the Webz.io Free News API Lite

Quick Guide to the Webz.io Free News API Lite

We created the free News API Lite so students, developers, and researchers could easily incorporate high-quality, relevant news information into their non-commercial projects. The API gives you limited access to our vast repository of global news content, including up to 30 days of historical news data. It also includes advanced search capabilities so you can quickly refine and target your news data searches. With access to relevant and timely news data, you can discover trends and analyze sentiment. You can build innovative applications and dashboards powered by news data.

Use the API in 3 easy steps!

You only need to complete three steps to use the News API Lite:

Step #1: Request an API key

Go to our News API web page and enter your email address. Next, check your inbox for an email containing your unique API key.

Webz.io Free News API Lite

Step #2: Make an API request

Use the API key we provided to make your first call to the API. Make sure you also specify a search term in the request. For example, the following API request will return news articles related to the search term “Bitcoin.” The default time frame is 3 days, but you can set this to up to 30 days.


Here is a screenshot showing a part of the API call results in a web browser::

An example of an API request to access free news data with Webz.io

Step #3: Explore Webz.io news data

Experiment with different API call configurations, refining your searches with advanced features like filters. For example, you could search for news articles about U.S. President Joe Biden or his presidential challenger Donald Trump, refining the search to return articles with negative sentiment:


This query includes negative news posts about President Biden or Donald Trump in the past 30 days. Here is a screenshot of the call results in a web browser:

A result showing negative news posts about President Biden or Donald Trump

Have fun experimenting with the API!

We are thrilled to give you access to our news data with our new News API Lite, which includes up to 1,000 calls per month and 10 articles returned per call. Check out our documentation to learn more about what you can do with this API. You can find out more about the full News API version by visiting its product page.

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