Introducing: Request Custom Sources

Fine-tune news and blog coverage for your specific needs

Today we’re happy to announce that you can now add news websites to your news and blog source coverage via our web application. 

Here’s a short tutorial on how to request custom sources automatically directly from your dashboard.

Expand Your News Coverage by Adding Sources Automatically

First, log in to your dashboard where you can see the Request Sources feature on the left-side menu:

source 1 1

On the next screen, you’ll be able to upload your request.


You can assign a name to each list to help find the list more easily later on. 

source 2

You can either upload a CSV file according to the instructions (a file with one column and no header with the list of sites), or copy-paste a full list separated by lines in the input field.

Upload Daily Lists of Up to a Hundred Website URLs

At the moment, you can upload one list per day of up to 100 website URLs. Once lists are uploaded, they are then processed. (Note: You can upload more than one list, but it will be queued for the next day/s). After lists are processed, you’ll receive a notification in your email inbox. You can also see the finished list report in the application under the Results tab.

source 3

We plan to add more capabilities in the future, such as adding Discussion Forum websites, and even an API. So stay tuned! 

Giving You the Best News and Blog Coverage Possible 

We want to ensure all of our customers receive the best news coverage possible. If we can process the website content you’ve requested automatically, we’ll add it to our pool of covered sites free of charge. 

Only if the website requires a customer parser will we give you the option to purchase a customized parser for the specific source you need.


Keep in mind that some websites don’t allow crawling. If that’s the case, we’ll notify you that your site can’t be crawled in the Failed column status


Meeting the Challenge of Ever-Expanding News Sources

Media and web monitoring companies today face an enormous challenge. The internet is endlessly expanding, with new websites and sources being added every day. Here at Webz, we provide coverage of a majority of popular news sites. We also constantly discover new website sources automatically. 

Sometimes, though, our customers have a specific set of sites in mind to receive greater clarity of the performance of a brand, product, service, or stock. In the past, our customer support team happily added news sources when needed. But we decided to automate this process by letting our customers request custom sources directly from their dashboard.

Want to get started adding new news and blog sites to your coverage? Login and check out our new feature here.


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