How to Search News API by Language?

How to Search News API by Language?

A news API is the link between online news content and the applications and people that consume it. News APIs from companies like, Google, the BBC, and many others help monitoring organizations automatically scan, extract, analyze, and enrich data from online news sources, which is then used for a wide range of purposes. 

A news API collects and parses data from news websites, articles, and other web data sources. Then, the more advanced of these solutions use AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to recognize categories, sentiments, topics, persons, dates, events, and other parameters. They tag the data with contextual meta-data and deliver it in a machine-readable format that existing software can use.

Why filter news data feeds by language?

Brand monitoring, media intelligence, and automated market research companies need to keep close tabs on all information relevant to the brands or trends they are monitoring – regardless of region or language. Frequently, the only way to tap deep into a regional market and find meaningful mentions is in the local language – which often means multiple languages. To effectively monitor South America, for example, English alone just won’t cut it – you’ve got to monitor both Spanish and Portuguese. It’s the same across Europe and Asia.

That’s why advanced news APIs offer the option to filter news data feeds by language. This enables:

  • Better accuracy, less noise – By focusing on specific languages, companies can improve the accuracy of their insights, while ensuring that they are not missing important information or delivering irrelevant results.
  • Targeted insights – The ability to process news in specific languages empowers companies to generate laser-targeted insights, tailored to specific regions or markets.
  • Language-specific trends – Companies focusing on specific geographies can track language-specific trends, popular topics, sentiment, and buzzwords that are language-specific.
  • Better performance – Filtering news data feeds by language improves the system and algorithm performance by reducing the amount of data that needs to be processed to generate insights.
Why filter news data feeds by language?

How to search for news data by language when using a news API?

To search a news API by language, you can typically use an API filter that specifies the desired language. The filter’s parameters will vary depending on the specific API you are using. For example, it is super easy to filter by language when using’s News API:

  • Step #1: Sign upSign up to and get an API key.
  • Step #2: Select the News API endpoint – Once you have an API key, log into’s playground and choose the News, Blogs & Forums section on the lefthand bar. You can use the site_type_news filter to limit results to only news content.
  • Step #3: Choose language – Select the language of the news data you’d like to retrieve. Either add “language:” followed by the language (for example: “language:spanish”) or use the filter drop-down bar (scroll down to “language” and enter your language). 
  • Step #4: Retrieve results – Receive a feed of news in the language you selected. You can then integrate it into your application and consume the feed’s data in JSON (default), XML, RSS, or Excel
  • Step #5: More filters available – You can also use the “country” filter if required and other filters for more granular news feeds. offers free and updated news data samples in machine-readable JSON formats from countries across the globe, so you can get a taste of the power and reach of language- and country-specific searching.

Historical news data

In order for any search, in any language or locale to capture a true perspective, data needs to go back at least a decade – including historical data from news, blogs, online forums, and reviews from across the web.’s news API allows the same filtering to be applied when searching for news data from the past 30 days for free, or by using our premium Archived Data endpoint, which goes back to 2008.

The bottom line

Analyzing real-time global news feeds, understanding their impacts, and deriving actionable insights is a complex task. Every locale has its own patterns and perceptions of news reports. In a multicultural market, insights are frequently buried somewhere between the lines of multiple sources in multiple languages – rarely just in English. To distill impactful insights and meet the challenges of global diversity, monitoring companies need to adopt effective, easy-to-use, and powerful data solutions that support multilingual news search solutions.

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