All About RaidForums – Source Review

A Database sharing and marketplace forum with exclusive data leaks

  • Site Name: RaidForums
  • Date Created: March 2015
  • Number of Users: 445K
  • Typical Users: Interested in hacking, database leaks, and tech

Founded in March of 2015, RaidForums is a database with exclusive database breaches and leaks. In addition, it has an active marketplace for selling these leaks. With a total of 445K users dedicated to hacking, database leaks, and tech, RaidForums’ high profile, mega-leaks have gained media attention.

Each day, over a thousand new members register at Raidforums and 15K people use the forum each day as members and guests. Currently, Raidforums has over 4,000 daily posts (which include threads and comments on previous posts). At the time of this post, there have been over 2 million posts published on the forum. 

Since is able to crawl posts on the dark web that have a publication date as far back as 10 years ago, we have a record of the first post from RaidForums. The original post is from March 21, 2015 in our Cyber API. 


Original post from RaidForums from March 21, 2015

A Source for High Profile Mega-Leaks

One of the most recent mega-leaks profiled in RaidForums was of Webkinz, a highly popular online game for kids. In this breach, a hacker uploaded 23 million usernames and passwords to the marketplace on April 18, 2020.

We were able to locate the first post mentioning the Webkinz leak in RaidForums in our Cyber API. 

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First post of Webkinz leak on RaidForums  

Extracting data from RaidForums can be tricky since it involves user authentication methods such as  IP blocking, CAPTCHAs, or session protection to prevent bots from entering the site. But Webz’s Cyber API is able to overcome these challenges and continuously extract valuable posts, discussions, PII, and other sensitive data that are valuable for cyber intelligence.

RaidForums is just one of the many sources we cover on the dark web. At Webz, we are continually adding sources – including files, marketplaces, networks, and chat applications, and even identifying new sites and marketplaces – to deliver the widest and most comprehensive coverage of dark web data in the industry.

Want to learn more about the sources we cover in the deep and dark web? Contact one of our dark web data experts to learn more today


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