There's An Exciting New Way to Access Dark Web Data

For the past few months we’ve been rolling out a new feature that’s already garnering a lot of excitement. Now that it’s officially live and actually being used by our customers, it’s time to officially introduce it. So please put your hands together and give a warm welcome to the Dark Web Data Feed!

Basically, this service enables any user to extract structured data from the dark web through our REST API. We crawl the darkest nooks and crannies of the dark web, you get structured data. If you’re familiar with our other services, such as the news API, the concept here is similar – except instead of scanning and structuring data from sites like, we’re now crawling the TOR network.

And if our news, blogs and forum data feeds became the fuel that powers the world’s leading media monitoring companies (see our case studies to learn more), we’re hoping the dark web data will drive cyber-security, research, and internal threat monitoring worldwide.

Here’s an excerpt from a press release we just issued on this topic:

The TOR network has become a hub of illicit activities. Due to its highly disparate and sprawling structure, cyber-security providers are struggling to shed light on the various Onion sites and marketplaces used for anonymous sale of drugs, stolen credit cards and other illicit materials. The Dark Web Data Feed is built on’s unique crawling and discovery technology to provide best-in-class coverage of millions of pages on the dark web, with thousands of new sources discovered and added on a daily basis.

“We are seeing growing interest in dark web data in both the private and public sectors”, said Ran Geva, CEO of “Organizations need to tap into this data source to better map out existing threats and detect new ones, and the Dark Web Data Feed gives them an easy and scalable way to get and filter the data using a simple API call.”

There you have it – structured darknet data, at your fingertips.

We’d love to tell you more. Schedule a live demo to see the Dark Web Data Feed in action.


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